e-navigation is a Strategy developed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to bring about increased safety of navigation in commercial shipping through better organization of data on ships and on shore, and better data exchange and communication between ships and the ship and shore. A Strategy Implementation Plan for e-navigation was approved by IMO in November 2014.

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Velkommen til innovasjonskonferansen e-nav.no2015 i Oslo 5. og 6. mai. For andre året på rad samles bredden av norsk maritim industri, myndigheter og forskningsmiljøer i en nasjonal arena om smartere, enklere og mer effektive maritime operasjoner og skipsfart.


e-navigation is a concept intended to secure simplified and coordinated electronic handling of information onboard and ashore in order to:

- Increase safety of navigation and the protection of the environment in coastal zones and at sea.
- Contribute to higher efficiency and reduced costs in the maritime sector.
- Facilitate the workload onboard and for shore-based functions.
- Provide a basis for improved contingency services.

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