The Norwegian Coastal Administration

Reporting and Information Services

The Norwegian Coastal Administration operates several information services and reporting systems for vessels. Information about these services and systems is available here.

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  • AIS Requirements

    The Norwegian Coastal Administration has established a national network and system for receiving AIS signals from ships along the Norwegian coast in accordance with EU Directive 2002/59/EC on establishing a joint European traffic monitoring and information system for vessel traffic.

  • LRIT Reporting

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    It is mandatory to report information about new vessels and name changes for vessels to the Norwegian Coastal Administration. This information must be submitted by using the Form for Reporting LRIT Information.

  • Report irregularities and obstructions

    Many of the permanent navigational aids along the coast are automated and unmanned. It is therefore important that mariners notify the Norwegian Coastal Administration of any irregularities in the navigational installations.

  • Approved LRIT suppliers

    The following suppliers (ASP) are currently approved to test and approve LRIT solutions on board ships.