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Digital Route Service -

A Digital Route Service for vessels arriving and leaving Norwegian ports was launched in Oslofjorden in 2018, with recommended routes available from the swedish border to Tønsberg. The service was extended to the southeast and parts of the southwest coast on June 3, 2019, and will be available on the entire Norwegian coast in 2020.  

The Digital Route Service gives vessels access to quality-assured recommended routes and route information, including information on current local regulations when sailing to relevant ports and quays, and route distances.

Download recommended routes free of charge at:

Video guide: How to use a recommended route in ECDIS

Video guide: Route information for recommended routes

Quality-assured by the NCA

The digital route service allows for automatic distribution of nautical information to support transport safety for seagoing voyages. To ensure maritime safety recommended routes have been quality-assured by marine pilots, Vessel Traffic Services and Aids to Navigation services in the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA). The service aims to prevent unfavorable route selection and unforeseen problems due to a lack of related information for the voyage.

Quality-assured routes and route information on board the vessel increases the navigation safety and strengthens cooperation on the bridge, both for vessels asking for marine pilots and vessels using a Pilot Exemption Certificate. The service also facilitates more efficient and time-saving voyage planning and just-in-time arrival.

Free of charge

The Digital Route Service is free of charge for commercial shipping, as part of the NCA's efforts to streamline and digitize maritime services for the facilitation of maritime transport.

The NCA encourages mariners to send feedback to ensure optimal service for mariners. Please send your feedback to

The Digital Route Service is developed by Asplan Viak Internet.

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The Norwegian Coastal Administration is a national agency for coastal management, maritime safety and emergency response to pollution, and works for efficient and safe maritime transport by safeguarding the transport industry's accessibility needs and efficient ports.

Video guide: Route information for recommended routes



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