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NCA management

Photos of the NCA management group.

(Click on photos for high resolution images. More photos on our page on Flickr.)

Director General and Assisting Director General


  Einar Vik Arset 
  Director General

  Per Jan Osdal
  Assisting Director General


  Sven Martin Tønnessen 
  Department for Coastal Management 

  Arve Dimmen
  Department for Maritime Safety


  Hans Petter Laahne Mortensholm
  acting Director 
  Department for Emergency Response

Head of Sections

  Anne Gunn Mostad
  Head of Section
  Staff for HR

  Solveig Moe Frøland 
  Head of Section
  Staff for Communcation and Public Relation

  Lidvard Måseide
  Head of Section
  Staff for Internal Service

Regional Directors


  Katrine Solheim Aas
  acting Regional Director
  NCA Souteastern Norway

  John Erik Hagen
  Regional Director
  NCA Western Norway

  Harald Tronstad
  Regional Director
  NCA Central Norway


  Fridtjof Wangsvik
  Regional Director
  NCA Nordland


  Jan Morten Hansen 
  Regional Director
  NCA Troms and Finnmark


  Erik Freberg Blom   
  NCA Pilot Service


  Trond Røren 
  NCA Shipping Company


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