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International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA)

IALA is an international, non-governmental, technical organisation that seeks to harmonise maritime services and infrastructure and develop international guidelines and standards.

The organisation provides the responsible authorities, manufacturers and consultants in the area of maritime services and infrastructure an opportunity to exchange their experiences and results.

Experts from all over the world meet through IALA's technical committees for the purpose of developing common standards and guidelines.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) participates actively on a number of the IALA's committees and forums that perform work of technical and strategic importance to the NCA:

  • VTS (Vessel Traffic Services): standardisation of training, technical equipment, exchange of data, etc.
  • e-NAV (electronic/enhanced navigation): standardisation of AIS and radio navigation services.
  • ANM (Aids to Navigation Management): guidelines and recommendations for navigation devices.
  • EEP (Engineering, Environmental and Preservation): standards for the cultural-historical management of properties and objects worthy of preservation.
  • PAF (Pilotage Authority Forum): guidelines and standardisation of the pilot service.
  • LAP (Legal Advisory Panel): deals with legal problems related to the IALA's area of activity and prepares recommendations.

Norway is also represented on the IALA's highest body (IALA Council) by the Norwegian Coastal Administration's Director General. The Norwegian Coastal Administration also heads the Pilotage Authority Forum.

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