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The European Union

Developments within the EU have a direct impact on the Norwegian Coastal Administration's services, and the NCA therefore participates actively in the most important forums for safety at sea in the EU.

Norway is a member of the EU inner market through the EEA Agreement in the same manner as full members of the EU. Since the inner market is based on common regulations for all the member states in the EU and EEA, Norway is also bound to integrate the EU regulations in the EEA Agreement on a continuous basis. This applies also to regulations that affect the Norwegian Coastal Administration's areas of responsibility.

EMSA – European Maritime Safety Agency

EMSA is the EU agency for maritime safety and preparedness for acute pollution.  The EMSA is to be an advisory body to the European Commission in connection with the development, updating and implementation of EU regulations related to safety at sea and the environment. In addition, the EMSA is also responsible for the development and management of technical solutions related to the implementation of these regulations and the provision of technical assistance to member countries. This entails, for example, facilitating cooperation related to reporting services and the exchange of information on shipping traffic.

EMSA has several active working groups related to the development and management of these systems, in which the Norwegian Coastal Administration makes an active contribution.

MARSEC - Maritime Security Regulatory Committee

The MARSEC committee was established in 2004 in order to ensure that the EU regulations related to port facility security (ISPS) are implemented in the member states. The committee is also supposed to develop the tools necessary for the implementation. MARSEC is also an important forum where the responsible authorities can exchange experiences with the practice and enforcement of the regulations.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration is responsible for the implementation of regulations related to port facility security in Norway and therefore participates actively in MARSEC together with the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

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