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Presented the World's First Ship Tunnel at NAV 59

At NAV 59 in September, Director General of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, Kirsti L. Slotsvik, presented the world's first ship tunnel project in Stad, Norway.

She further presented how e-navigation solutions plans to be used on an operational level, once the ship tunnel project is completed. A Maritime Service Portfolio will be provided to ships in the area, which will include Maritime Safety Information, Meteorological and Hydrographical information, and chart updates.

In 2013, the ship tunnel was included for the first time in the Norwegian National Transport Plan 2014-2023, with 125 million euro earmarked for the project. The sum is earmarked for the second half of the plan period, making it possible to start its construction as early as in 2018. The total cost for the ship tunnel is estimated to be 250 million euro.

When completed, the ship tunnel will be 48 metres high and 36 metres wide, able to handle ships of up to 16,000 tonnes, large enough for Coastal Express ships. The water will be 12 metres deep in the tunnel.

A final decision on the project will be made at a later date, based on further project development, quality assured cost analyses and further handling of the project by the Norwegian government and the Norwegian Parliament.

Download the presentation of Kirsti Slotsvik.

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