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e-navigation workshop held in Chile

The Chilean Maritime Authority (DIRECTEMAR) and the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) arranged a two day workshop in Valparaiso, Chile, on 21 and 22 October 2013.

Chile and Norway face similar challenges, both having long coastlines bordering on polar areas with extensive and remote Search and Rescue areas. The aim of the workshop was to highlight Search and Rescue needs and challenges in relation to communication systems in the Arctic and Antarctica.

In accordance with IMO’s COMSAR17 report, Norway and Chile also carried out a test bed to explore the possible use of the existing LRIT shore-based infrastructure to facilitate the exchange of relevant e-navigation information.

The test-bed was based on a Search and Rescue scenario off the Chilean coast, using LRIT to retrieve SAR surface picture of two predefined ships within a specified area. A link was established between LRIT and the Norwegian Single Window ship reporting system to enhance the value of the systems. In depth information from the Norwegian Single Window ship reporting system was retrieved via the LRIT platform, such as passenger lists and ship details. The test demonstrated how the two systems could complement each other by improving situational awareness during a Search and Rescue operation.

A final report from the workshop, including test-bed conclusions, will be submitted to the Sub-Committee on Safety of Navigation, Communication and Search and Rescue (NCSR).

The presentations from the workshop can be downloaded here:

Title of presentation


Communication in Polar Regions Jarle Hauge, NCA
Demonstration/test-bed Jarle Hauge, NCA
e-navigation, process, results, status and delivery John Erik Hagen, NCA
The implementation of maritime situational awareness and naval cooperation and guidance for shipping Jose L. Sepulveda, DIRECTEMAR
Norwegian ship monitoring and reporting information used in Search and Rescue Jon Leon Ervik, NCA
Presentation of the demonstration Jarle Hauge, NCA
Technical challenges, limitations and opportunities in LRIT shorebased infrastructure Javier Yasnikouski, IMO
The future e-navigation bridge design: Improved, harmonized and user-friendly Svein David Medhaug, NMA
e-navigation user needs in South America James Crawford, DIRECTEMAR
Update on VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) and how this can contribute to e-navigation and SAR operations Gaetan Fabritius, CLS
Search and Rescue in the Antarctic Ricardo Velásquez Ortiz, DIRECTEMAR


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