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e-navigation workshop on Polar regions

In October 2012, the Norwegian Coastal Administration hosted an e-navigation workshop on Information Exchange and Communication in Polar and Remote Regions. Presentations from the workshop can be downloaded here.

e-navigation – Enhanced safety of navigation and efficiency of shipping by John Erik Hagen, Coordinator of IMO Correspondence Group on e-navigation

The role of IHO S-100 Standard for information exchange and communication in polar and
remote regions by Robert Ward, International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)

Operational and communication challenges in the Arctic and Antarctic regions by Jon Leon Ervik, Norwegian Coastal Administration

Operational and communication challenges, An Antarctic perspective by Mahesh Alimchandani, Australian Maritime Safety Agency

Communication Services and Solutions in Arctic, Antarctic and remote areas by Juerg von Allmen, Swisscom

Maritime communication challenges in the High North by Fritz Bekkadal, Marintek

Evolution of the IMO LRIT System by Julian Longson, Polestar

e-navigation and LRIT – possible synergies by Javier Yasnikouski, International Maritime Organization (IMO)

New functionalities to the LRIT shore-based intrastructure by Robert Tremlett, Independent Maritime Consultant, UK

EU initiatives related to the integration of the maritime information systems by Lazaros Aichmalotidis, European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

Navigation and communication in polar regions – A captain’s view by Ole Johan Andreassen, Hurtigruten ASA

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