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- Erika Marlen Støylen

Aid scheme for short sea shipping

The objective of the scheme is to transfer freight from Norwegian roads to sea.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration administrates the scheme of behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


Shipowners established in the EEA area, having ships registered under the flag of an EEA country may apply for aid.

Application deadline

May 15,th  2018

Grants may be awarded to new short sea shipping services, or, in exceptional circumstances to existing services, provided they transfer freight from Norwegian roads to sea.

Award criteria

The project must be in accordance with the award criteria set forth in the Guidelines for Aid Scheme for Short Sea Shipping.

Applicants for grants under this scheme must pre-calculate the utility value of the modal shift, describe how your project depends on financial support in order to be launched, and how the service will become economically viable after the aid period. The utility value is calculated using the Norwegian Coastal Administration-mapping tool (Use Google Chrome) and is equal to the difference in the external costs from road transport compared to sea transport.

How to apply

Grant applications must be submitted using the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s application form. A guide for the application process is available here.

We strongly recommend that you discuss your project with the Norwegian Coastal Administration program manager to confirm that your project meets all eligibility requirements prior to writing your application.

Contact information

For additional information on the grant scheme and eligibility criteria, contact:

Erika Marlen Støylen, Grants Management Officer 

Last updated Date: February 5th, 2018


  • EFTA’s Surveillance Authority approved the Norwegian aid scheme for short sea shipping 21st, November 2016.
  • The duration of the grant scheme is from 16th, February 2017 to 16th, February 2020.
  • The aid scheme is funded over Chapter 1360, Post 72 of the Norwegian National Budget. Annual funds depend on the Norwegian Stortinget annual budget decisions. 
  • Applications must be received by May, 15th 2018.

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