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- Harald Borgø

About fees

All vessels that would like to pay one or more annual fees must order these through SafeSeaNet Norway before the end of the year. An invoice will be issued then based on the order.

Annual Fees

The following annual fees can be ordered:

  • Pilotage readiness fee (vessels subject to compulsory pilotage).
  • Safety fee in the Oslo Fjord (Horten VTS). 
  • Safety fee in Rogaland (Kvitsøy VTS). 

Vessels which are subject to compulsory pilotage fee as an annual fee because they mainly sails in compulsory water, will automatically be charged an annual fee for pilotage fee. If these vessels are required to pay fees to a maritime vessel traffic centre (VTS), the annual fee for a safety fee must be ordered by the vessels themselves.

The annual fee for the safety fee corresponds to 50 calls to port in the area of coverage. The annual fee for the pilotage readiness fee varies according to the size of the vessel and corresponds to 37 to 46 calls to port.

Questions concerning annual fees can be addressed to:

Nordland Department for Maritime Traffic
P.O. Box 183
Telephone: +47 76 98 68 00

Questions concerning fees for individual voyages can be addressed to the department stated as the reference on the invoice.

Duty to Report

Vessels that have not used a state pilot and are required to pay a pilotage readiness fee must send an electronic message regarding the sailing to the Norwegian Coastal Administration's messaging system SafeSeaNet Norway before embarking on the voyage. A breach of this duty to report can entail an administrative fee.

Vessels subject to compulsory pilotage that primarily sail within the boundaries for waters that are subject to fees or between Norwegian ports shall pay the pilotage readiness fee in the form of an annual fee. This obligation is independent of whether or not the vessel has a pilot on board.


The Norwegian Coastal Administration issues invoices for individual sailings based on the reported sailings for vessels not subject to compulsory pilotage, reported sailings for vessels subject to compulsory pilotage that are sailing with a pilot exemption certificate, completion of pilotage assignments, issuance/renewal/change of a pilot exemption certificate, completion of a pilot exemption certificate examination and sailings subject to fees in VTS areas.

Annual fees are mainly invoiced on the basis of the annual fees that the customer himself has ordered through the Norwegian Coastal Administration's messaging service SafeSeaNet Norway. The invoicing basis for individual sailings is prepared locally. All invoices are issued centrally from the Norwegian Coastal Administration's Administration and Accounting Centre in Honningsvåg.

The normal payment terms are 30 days net from the date of the invoice. Annual fees that are ordered shortly before a new fee year or during the fee year have a shorter payment deadline.

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