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Class 1 PEC

This class is for experienced navigators on board vessels that are larger than the max limits for Class 2 given in appendix 3 to the regulation regarding compulsory Pilotage.

About Class 1 PEC

When the fairway is defined as a class 1 fairway for use of PEC, you can still use your class 2 PEC in the fairway but with limits to it. 


Pilot Exemption Certificate Class 1 (§ 12)

Experienced deck officers can apply for a pilot exemption certificate that gives entitlement to rights in fairways with local restrictions, beyond Class 2 and 3 pilot exemption certificates.

The NCA can issue a Class 1 certificate to candidates who pass a PEC-exam conducted by a Norwegian Pilot.

The candidate must have a navigators certificate. And fulfill at least on of the following criteria:

  • at least three years of effective sea duty on the Norwegian coast as a responsible duty officer on the bridge, including sea duty during the last five years from the fairways or areas for which a pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted, or
  • during the last 12 months, must have been in charge of the navigation of at least ten voyages in each direction in the fairways or areas for which the pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted. The voyages must have been made by the vessel or vessels for which the pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted, or a corresponding vessel, and at least two of the voyages in each direction must have been at night.


Information regarding renewal of your pilot exemption certificate (PEC) class 1

Mail sent to navigators with valid PEC January 2019

If your PEC class 1 expires, your PEC class 2 will still be valid for this fairway.

During the period 2015 - 2017, PEC class 1 became mandatory for some fairways along the coast. Those who had PEC before this period automatically got these fairways on their PEC in accordance with the transitional arrangements laid down in the Compulsory Pilotage Regulations section 28.

PEC class 1 gives additional rights for larger size vessels or in fairways where restrictions apply for PEC class 2. PEC class 1 has stricter requirements for renewal, which means it’s mandatory with minimum two voyages in the fairway during the validity period of 2 years.

PEC class 2 however, is valid for 5 years.

Requirements for renewal of PEC class 1:

  • 2 voyages during the last validity period in the relevant fairway
  • PEC class 1 fairways that are not renewed, will be frozen for a period of 3 years from the expiry date. The PEC class 1 can be reactivated during the next 3 years without a new PEC test, if you can document two new voyages in the fairway.

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