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Class 2 PEC

What is PEC class 2

PEC class 2 is the usual PEC that can be used on vessels up to 150 meters. But there is fairways defined as class 1 fairways which limits use of class 2 PEC and fairways where PEC is not allowed to use.

PEC exams with class 2 and 1 is done by pilots.

Example from some of the class 1 fairways:

  • Karmsundet, Vatlestraumen, Florø, Skatestraumen, Måløysundet - max. length:
    • PEC class 2: 125 meter
    • PEC class 1: 125 - 150 meter

Fairways closed for use of any PEC:

Primary and secondary fairways:

  • the pilot exemption certificate is only valid in the fairways established in Regulation 30 November 2009 No. 1477 on fairways. In the NCA digital map "Kystinfo", which is part of the regulation, it is determined wich fairways are the primary fairways and secondary fairways.
    • This does not apply to towing vessels, workboat of aquaculture, live-fish transport vessels, and fishing vessels when it will entail unreasonable route restructuring to follow prescribed fairways, and also if the vessel because of their mission or their activity can not follow the trails.


Class 2 (Compulsory pilotage regulation §11)

The NCA can issue a Class 2 certificate to candidates who pass a PEC-exam conducted by a Norwegian Pilot.

The candidate must have a navigators certificate. And fulfill at least on of the following criteria:
a)      have at least one year of effective sea duty on the Norwegian coast as a responsible duty officer on the bridge, including sea duty during the last five years from the fairways or areas for which a pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted, or

b)      have completed the trainee pilot exemption certificate programme for the fairways or areas for which an application has been submitted during the last five years, cf. Sections 20–22, or

c)       during the last 12 months, must have been in charge of the navigation of at least five voyages in each direction in the fairways or areas for which the pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted. The voyages must have been made by the vessel or vessels for which the pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted, or a corresponding vessel, and at least two of the voyages in each direction must have been at night.


PEC class 2 is valid for 5 years. Renewal is mentioned in the Compulsory pilotage regulation §19.

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