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Class 3 PEC

The Class 3 PEC is ment for use on board smaller vessels, and is easily available for companies by educating PEC-assessors. PEC-assessors conduct PEC-exams for class 3 PECs.

Class 3 (§ 10): Is available for use on board vessels no longer than 100 meters, equipped with ECDIS and do not hold any heavy oils, dangerous or polluting cargo on board.
The company who wants to make use of Class 3 certificates shall apply to the NCA. The application must document that the vessels comply with the criteria above, and it must also document the companys system of navigator development.

The candidate must have a navigators certificate. And fulfill at least on of the following criteria:

a)      have at least one year of effective sea duty on the Norwegian coast as a responsible duty officer on the bridge, including sea duty during the last five years from the fairways or areas for which a pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted, or

b)      have completed the trainee pilot exemption certificate programme for the fairways or areas for which an application has been submitted during the last five years, cf. Sections 20–22, or

c)       during the last 12 months, must have been in charge of the navigation of at least five voyages in each direction in the fairways or areas for which the pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted. The voyages must have been made by the vessel or vessels for which the pilot exemption certificate application has been submitted, or a corresponding vessel, and at least two of the voyages in each direction must have been at night.

The NCA can issue a Class 3 certificate to candidates who pass a PEC-exam with an assessor. The assessors will submit his evaluation to the NCA attached the necessary documents regarding the candidates, ie navigators certificate, attestation of experience, discharge book etc. The assessor submits this through SSN Norway.

The NCA issues the certificate directly to the candidate in his/her SSN Norway user account.

In order to obtain a Class 3 PEC you therefore need to contact an assessor and make your arrangements with him/her. You must have a user account in SSN Norway ( Visit SSN Norway and create an account when you are ready.

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