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The Cadet-PEC arrangement

The Cadet-PEC arrangement allows a navigator to attend the function as officer in charge of the watch inside Norwegian waters without a ordinary PEC. This can only be done on the Captains discretion, who is responsible for systematic training of the Cadet-PEC holder. The Cadet-PEC is only valid for three years and cannot be renewed thereafter.

The Cadet-PEC (Cadet Pilot Exemption Certificate) is issued by the Norwegian Coastal Administration. In order to apply for a Cadet-PEC the navigator has to pass a course in Coastal Navigation and hold a Navigators Certificate valid in Norway for the vessel in question.
In addition a contract concerning systematic training of the Cadet-PEC holder needs to be signed and agreed upon between the company, the captain(s) and the applicant.

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The Cadet-PEC is only usable in those areas in which the Captains PEC is valid. As the candidates knowledge of the Norwegian coast increases an application for an ordinary PEC may be sent the Norwegian Coastal Administration. Both certificates may be used without conflict.

The arrangement is in place in order to ease the navigators transition into an ordinary Pilot Exemption Certificate.

Watch Videoguide: How to apply for a PEC in SSN Norway (The Cadet-Pec application is done in the same manner)

Regulations for use of the Cadet PEC is mentioned in the PEC itself; some excerpts given below:

  • The Cadet PEC is only valid when the master has a PEC for the fairway, and he is designated as mentor in the Cadet PEC.
  • The master decides when and in which fairways the Cadet PEC holder can undertake independent duty on the bridge. (Ref Section 20 Regulations on compulsory pilotage).
  • The Cadet PEC is valid for three years.
  • When the systematic training on board is completed it is possible for the holder to apply a PEC.
  • The master shall submit a written statement on completion of training. This statement should be attached to the application of PEC. (Ref Section 22 Regulations regarding compulsory pilotage).
  • If there have been a change of captain it is required to send a new updated agreement to Norwegian Coastal Administration.
  • Cadet-PEC cannot be used on vessels with LOA of more than 150 meters, conf. § 9 (4), or in class 1 fairways when the vessel is defined as class 1 vessel, ref Compulsory Pilotage Regulations, annex 3. During such sailings only Class 1 PEC will be considered a valid PEC.

Please direct your inquiries to:

Telephone: 07847
From Abroad: +47 33 03 48 08


In order to attain a Cadet-PEC the applicant needs to document the following:

  • Copy of Navigator Certificate, valid in Norway and for the ship in question.
  • Copy of Course evidence, Documentation for passed "Coastal Navigation course" during the last 5 years - (See links below for courses) 
  • Training contract, Copy of Contract between captain(s), company and applicant regarding systematic training of the applicant. (See "Related documents" below)

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