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How to use a PEC

When operating a vessel using a navigator with a PEC, the voyage shall have been registered in SafeSeaNet Norway.


For the entire voyage in Norwegian waters the following criteria needs to be fullfilled, when using one or more PECs:

  • the master must have a PEC for that area for other of the vessel navigators to be able to use their PEC
  • the pilot exemption certificate is only valid in the fairways established in Regulation 30 November 2009 No. 1477 on fairways. In the NCA digital map "Kystinfo", which is part of the regulation, it is determined wich fairways are the primary fairways and secondary fairways.
    • This does not apply to towing vessels, workboat of aquaculture, live-fish transport vessels, and fishing vessels when it will entail unreasonable route restructuring to follow prescribed fairways, and also if the vessel because of their mission or their activity can not follow the trails.
  • Corridors leading to "pilot pick-up" points are also available for PEC - vessels. If needed a navigator without a valid PEC may sail the corridor if a navigator with a valid PEC takes over before the pick-up point. This is decided by the NCA and details given in this document (Norwegian only)
  • Rest Periods: the holder of PEC shall have at least 10 hours of leave from duties during any 24 hour period
  • the pilot exemption certificate shall on demand be presented to the NCA, NMD, local port authorities, Police, Armed Forces and Customs.
  • Notification of sailing with PEC shall be recorded in SafeSeaNet
  • the pilot exemption certificate can not be used during towing of objects with a total length of 75 meters or more / width of 30 meters / draft of 8 metres, except for towing floating tube not exceeding 505 meters or fish cages up to 300 meters
  • the pilot exemption certificate can not be used while operating with escort vessels.

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