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Required experience

Your experience as an officer-on-watch is relevant when applying for a Pilot Exemption Certificate (PEC). But only experience gathered over the last 5 years will be applicable in an application for new areas or renewal of old areas.

Sections 11 and 19 in the regulations regarding compulsory pilotage and use of PECs sets the requirements for experience when applying for new, extensions or renewal of your PEC. 

Are you applying for a renewal?
When you want to renew your PEC Class 2 or Class 3, we use your voyage history for the last 5 years (last 2 years for class 1) and will renew the areas where you have completed at least one voyage (two voyages for class 1).

Are you applying for a new PEC or extension of your existing PEC?
The same applies to new PECs and for renewals (above). You can only get approval for areas/fairways you have visited during the last 5 years.

Should you enclose documentation of experience older than 5 years?
Yes, the overall picture of your experience will give your case worker the opportunity to make an evaluation, and, if possible, reduce the number of examinations you need to undertake.

Document new experience
If you gain new experience this form can be used as documentation and attached to a PEC application. (English and Norwegian).

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