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The PEC exam

You need to pass a PEC-exam in order to aquire a Class 1, 2 or 3 PEC. For a Cadet-PEC you need to pass a Coastal Navigation Course which has been accepted by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

What will you need to know during the exam?

During Examination: The applicant shall demonstrate adequate knowledge of and skills in:

  • Coastal navigation methods, including knowledge of the nature of the waters, as well as the markers and beacons, traffic conditions, ports and anchorage sites in the relevant areas
  • Current conditions and other conditions of significance to safe navigation and manoeuvring, including areas where shallow water effects must be anticipated
  • For the vessel or vessels for which the pilot exemption certificate application is submitted, the equipment, manoeuvrability characteristics, cargo capacity and the types of cargoes the vessel is certified to carry
  • Coastal route planning and an understanding of nautical charts
  • Applicable regulations for the relevant areas, including navigation rules and reporting requirements
  • Matters of significance to safety and the environment in the relevant areas, including local emergency preparedness in the event of an accident
  • English language skills that enable problem-free communication
  • Manoeuvring of the relevant vessel type
  • Visual navigation, including correct use of beacons and markers
  • Radar navigation and correct use of the vessel's other navigational aids
  • Communication and interaction on the bridge
  • Use of tugboats as required

* If the examination is not passed, a new examination cannot be taken until four weeks later. If the candidate, does not demonstrate adequate practical skills, a new examination cannot be taken until the applicant has also completed two new voyages in the area or fairway.


Ordering a pilot for exams regarding class 1 and 2 PECs

When you register a voyage in SafeSeaNet Norway you must select the option "Register PEC exam candidate" and fill in required information for the pilotdispatcher. When the order is placed you will receive confirmations and updates regarding the order via e-mail.

PS: If the order in SafeSeaNet Norway doesn't include piloting, a PEC-holder needs to be present on the bridge during the examination.

PPS: If it is the captain that is to conduct the exam you will need pilotage in addition to the test. Use the option "Order pilot" in stead of "Use PEC" if this is the case.


Pilot demand is high. You should register you order for an exam as early as possible.


The how's and why's regarding PEC-examinations

By passing the test the candidate has demonstrated the required skill set and abilities to navigate safely in the area covered by exam. Test are required both for new certificates as well as when you want to expand an existing certificates area.

The NCA has determined a set of representative exams ("General exams" in SSN Norway). These exams are normally over a longer distance and gives the candidate the ability to be examined in a larger area. The coverage of the general exams extends greatly outside the ships exam-route. 
Each Class 1 area requires it’s own exam.

The NCA may require the PEC-exam to be conducted during night. If this applies to your exam you will be informed when you try to order a pilot for the exam. No class 3 exams are currently requiring it to be done at night.

A quarantine of four weeks follows a failed exam, if the result is caused by a practical error concerning the fairway there is also a demand for two new voyages in the fairway before a new exam can be conducted.


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