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e-PEC (electronic Pilot Exemption Certificate)

Less paper, more awareness and quicker communication was achieved as the NCA converted the PEC-arrangement's data from paper to digital information. (implemented December 2013)


How to get to your e-PEC?

Before you may see and use your e-PEC you need a profile in the SafeSeaNet Norway system.

Complete the 3 steps below to see your e-PEC.

  1. Create the profile in SafeSeaNet Norway
    Visit and click on "register here" below the login button.
    Follow the wizard to create a profile.
  2. Log in and update your profile
    Now you should be able to log in. The e-mail you provided is your username.
  3. Explore
    On the left side you'll find a menu of the different pages in your profile. Please spend somm time here to click-around and explore your profile.

Image: Shows the "Register here" link you must click to start creating your profile.


Need more help?

Watch the videoguides.



Share your digital PEC

In your PEC there is a code, find it below your area-list or on your PEC page in SSN.
The sollution is available on the web-page:

NB: The code is updated every time your PEC updates.

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