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- Tor Erlend Gjærde

General exams, Norwegian coast

- All the fairways in the area can only be applied for if the applicant documents the sailing experience in these according to the Compulsory pilotage regulations (Unofficial Translation). See fact box at the bottom for more information.

- During a practical test, the candidate may be asked theoretically in fairways which are granted after the test, even if the practical test does not go through these fairways.

Areas covered by the general exams:

  • Lødingen - Tromsø:
    • Covering the area from Tjeldsundet to Grense Jakobselv, without Leirpollen in the Tanafjord. (See fact box in the botton)

(Lines in chart is only guidance, not to be used for navigation. A practical general exam may deviate some from exam to exam)


  • Only valid for class 2 or 3 PEC.
  • After the general exam is passed, the candidate will get the whole area or parts of it granted on the PEC. But the candidate will only get the fairways where he/she have documented sailing experience according til the Compulsory pilotage regulations. (For more information, see the Unofficial Translation of Comulsory pilotage regulations).
  • If sailing experience is achieved in other fairways on a later date, and these fairways is covered by the earlier passed general exam. He or she may apply for an extension of the PEC and will get the fairways granted without exam because the general exam for that area is already done.
  • The name of the exam gives the fairways where the general exam is to be done. (It may be done in both directions, it's up to the candidate to decide).
  • Fairways defined not to be covered by the general tests are either closed for use of PEC or when the fairway demands PEC class 1:
    • Closed for use of PEC: For example, some fairways at Skagerak (web link to, Red areas - closed for use of PEC, blue areas - PEC class 1 fairway, black areas - limits for use of PEC class 2, but not a PEC class 1 fairway).
    • PEC class 1, local limits: For example Karmsundet, you may use a PEC class 2 for vessels up to 125 meters. If the vessel have a LOA between 125 - 150 meters you will need a PEC class 1 for this fairway. (Press here to read more about PEC class 1).
  • If you need the fairway in to Leirpollen at the Tanafjorden, you have to have a own special exam for this fairway.
  • The squares on the map is 5x5 nautical miles
    • When you are applying for a PEC, you need to mark these side by side, not corner to corner. Also make sure the whole fairway is covered by the squares.

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