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- Tor Erlend Gjærde

General offshore exams

- Offshore bases can only be applied for if the applicant documents sailing experience in each one according to the Compulsory pilotage regulations (Unofficial Translation). See fact box at the bottom for more information.

During a practical test, the candidate may be asked theoretically in other offshore bases which are granted after the test, even if the practical test does not go through the offshore bases.

General offshore fairways:

  • Feistein - Tananger - Dusavika
    • Covers the fairway Jærens rev/Skudefjorden - Dusavika.
    • * The candidate may also have the exam in to Stavanger if he/she have sailing experience here.
  • Rekstafjorden - Florø offshorebase
    • Covers the fairway Rekstafjorden / Kvannhovden - Florø offshorebase.
    • To apply for both Rekstafjorden and Kvannhovden the application need to have documented sailing experience in both fairways.

Offshore baser som kan søkes om:

- Following offshore bases may be applied for:


  • Only valid for class 2 or 3 PEC.
  • Based on the navigator's experience, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) will make an assessment of the application.
  • The name of the exam gives the fairways where the general exam is to be done. (It may be done in both directions, it's up to the candidate to decide).
  • The squares on the map is 5x5 nautical miles
    • When you are applying for a PEC, you need to mark these side by side, not corner to corner. Also make sure the whole fairway is covered by the squares.

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