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- Simen Slotta

Kystinfo map service

Kystinfo is the Norwegian Coastal Administration' web-based map service. In Kystinfo you will find the Norwegian Coastal Administration's own map data, in addition to map data and other geographic related information from a large number of other data owners.

Most of them are obtained directly from the source database as so-called WMS services. As a user you are therefore ensured of access to the most recently updated data.

Different types of nautical charts, land maps, satellite and aerial photos, fairways, nature reserve areas, anchorage sites and emergency preparedness topics are examples of data that can be found in Kystinfo.

Essentially, Kystinfo is open to everyone, and the large amount of map data provides good opportunities to find out what geo-referenced information is available for the user's local area or fields In addition to being able to view data and the associated meta information, it is also possible for users to draw in (digitise) their own objects on the map and use them as elements in their own maps in combination with other topics.

As a user of Kystinfo you can also perform lookups against central registers such as the Central Place Name Register (SSR), specify coordinates for displaying a position on the map, store chart images as pdf files, send links to a relevant chart or use different types of integrated services, such as weather forecasts from

After you have logged on as a user on Kystinfo you can store digitised objects in the underlying database and gain access to expanded information and functionality, such as AIS data or specially adapted digitising solutions. This requires assignment of the relevant rights from the administrator.

Kystinfo is used in almost all of the Norwegian Coastal Administration's fields, and the Norwegian Coastal Administration' geodata service is continuously expanding its functionality in order to satisfy the needs of the users better.

Inquiries concerning the assignment of a user name/password, needs for courses, questions and comments should be sent to

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