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Wave- and current forecast for the Norwegian coast

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) has developed a wave and current forecast for fairways. The information service will help seafarers navigate more safely in Norwegian coastal waters. From May 2017, the service covers the entire Norwegian coastline.


Check wave and current conditions before you set out in smaller boats. (photo illustration: Wikipedia)

Live webcamera from Saltstraumen

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 Waveforecast for fairways

The wave forecast service provides navigators with information on wave height, -period and -direction for as long as 60 hours forward in time. The service is useful for ferries and high-speed passenger boats, yachts and other vessels in coastal traffic. Based on the forecasts, the navigator may at an early stage asses the safety of a journey in a certain area.

The use of wave forecasts may also give an environmental gain. This because voyages may be planned more efficiently and thus may contribute to reduce fuel consumption. The information may also be useful for aquaculture and other coastal industry.

Upgraded service
The Wave forecast service has been in development since 2003. From May 2017, the service covers the entire Norwegian coastline. You can see the forecasts through BarentsWatch in a user-friendly map service - adapted to both pc, smart phones and tablets.

In time, the information will be relayed directly onto ships’ chart plotters. The forecasts come in an open standardised format. This opens for digitalization of work processes for the end user, where wave- and current information are relevant for efficient and safe operations.

Close cooperation

The NCA develops the forecasts in cooperation with Uni Reasearch Polytec, and BarentsWatch, with user testing as an important tool of development. The service is based on ocean models from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (MET Norway) and NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, USA); developed further with methods from SINTEF and US Corps of Engineers, among others.

Spesial forecasts for challenging fairways
Forecasts cover fairways all along the Norwegian coast. In three areas, where wave conditions are particularly challenging, we offer special forecasts of crossing waves: Stad, Hustadvika and Værøy/Røst.

Current forecast for Saltstraumen (BarentsWatch)

The forecast for Saltstraumen, one of the strongest tidal currents in the world,  gives information on how strong current is at max, and the tide slack when the current is expected to stay below three knots.


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