Kinn Vessel Traffic Service

Kinn Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) is operational as of June 1, 2021. The service is applicable for vessel traffic in the area between Florø and Måløy.

Vessel Traffic Services in Kinn VTS area will be carried out by Brevik VTS. 

VTS Area
Primarily inner waters and out to the baseline from Kråkenes in the north, along the baseline south to the southwest of Kinn island.

Se map of Kinn VTS Area (in Norwegian only)

Contact Information
VHF Channel 18
Radio Call Sign «Kinn VTS»
Telepone: +47 70 23 11 23

Reporting Locations
Vessels must report to Kinn VTS before entry into:

Ulvesundet (from the north)
Rekstafjorden (from the south)
Baseline (from the west)

See infofolder for more information (new sailing regulations valid from June 1 on page 2)

Regulated Areas

  • Fairway to Gulen/Svelgen
  • Måløysundet
  • Skatestraumen (including Djupsundet)
  • Årebrot

Maritime Traffic Regulations - valid from June 1, 2021 (unofficial translation)

See Maritime Traffic Regulations in the map sevice kystinfo (in Norwegian only)

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