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National Centre for Testing of oil spill response equipment

The Norwegian Coastal Administration offers realistic testing conditions in a basin, with modern facilities all under the same roof.

Testing new types of oil spill response equipment is an important part of the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s work to further develop technology and equipment to combat acute pollution.
The National Centre for Testing of oil spill response equipment offers Norwegian and foreign equipment suppliers, research institutions and other parties involved in preparedness against acute pollution the opportunity to test equipment or train their operators.
Private or public sector buyers may also use the centre to evaluate materials prior to procurement.

Read more about technical data and different kind of test here.

This is what we offer:

• Indoor salt-water basin where equipment can be tested in realistic conditions, as waves and current can be applied to the basin.
• The basin allows the full-scale testing of the capacity and stability of skimmers.
• Possibilities for testing oil booms with respect to flexibility, stability and ability to retain oil in varying sea conditions and current speeds.
• Laboratory for measuring water content, viscosity and density of oil.
• Central location in Horten in Vestfold, around 100 km south of Oslo.
• The centre is also in the immediate vicinity of the Oslofjord.

Contact us for more information via the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s website


Technical data

Length: 30 m
Width: 7 m
Depth (total): 4.4 m*
Depth above double bottom (max): 2.4 m
Practical depth above double bottom: approx. 1.7 m
Water volume: approx. 800 m³
Water current speed (max): approx. 3- 4 knots
Wave height (max): approx. 0.6 m

* The elements of the double bottom can be removed to create an opening of 4x7 metres so that the total depth of the basin can be made available.

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