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Crete Cement

The cargo vessel MV Crete Cement grounded near Aspond outside Fagerstrand on the morning of 19 November 2008.

It became clear that the vessel was in a critical condition and it was therefore decided to beach the vessel into Grisebubukta outside of Fagerstrand. The vessel was loaded with cement and had about 115 ton of heavy oil, 19 ton of marine diesel and 5-6 ton of lubricants on board. On the evening of 19 November, The NCA decided to take over the leading of the response due to the major risk of acute pollution

The area the vessel grounded was in is environmentally vulnerable and has important outdoor and recreational areas for large groups of residents and hosts a lot of overwintering marine species.

The vessel was surrounded by booms on 19 November. Oil began to leak from the wreck the following day. In order to prevent the vessel drifting from the site and sink completely, there was therefore working on inserting mooring bolts into the rock.  On 22 November, the shipowner started to unloading the vessel for oil products. The operation continued until the vessel was refloated on 11 December.

The NCA presented a claim to recover the costs the government incurred due to managing the incident. Part of the claim has been paid by the shipowner, but some parts are still disputed.  Legal proceedings were started in Oslo City Court, but have been put on hold in anticipation of a legally enforceable decision in the Server case that is expected to settle issues that will be of significance to the Crete Cement claim.

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