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Gudrun Gisladottir

On 18 June 2002, the Icelandic factory vessel Gudrun Gisladottir grounded at Nappstraumen in Lofoten. The vessel sank and is now lying at a depth of around 40 meters. There appears to be no danger of the wreck moving due to the sea conditions.

There were no leaks from the vessel and no oil was observed in the sea. The vessel contained about 367 cubic metric of marine diesel, 10 cubic metric of lubricants, and hydraulic oil. The cargo consisted of 870 cubic metric of frozen herring fillets. The fillets were packed in plastic and laid in cardboard boxes that weighed about 23 kg fully packed.  

Both the shipowner and the Norwegian Coastal Administration attempt to raise the vessel. The attempt failed and  Work on raising Gudrun Gisladottir lasted from the moment of the and on 28 May 2004 it was decided that the vessel would not be raised. It was therefore decided to unload the vessel for oil products. Given this, as much of the oil on board as possible was emptied out of Gudrun Gisladottir on 5 July 2004. 

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