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Cooperation agreements

The Norwegian Coastal Administration cooperates with several public authorities.

 The Norwegian Coast Guard – amongst the authorities the NCA cooperates with.
The Norwegian Coast Guard – amongst the authorities the NCA cooperates with.

These are some of the most important cooperation agreements with other public authorities:

  • Norwegian Armed Forces: use of the Armed Forces’ material and personnel resources, and deployment of oil spill response equipment on Coast Guard vessels.
  • Norwegian Petroleum Directorate: concerning incidents on the Norwegian continental shelf which (possibly could) result in acute pollution.
  • Norwegian Maritime Directorate: counselling in the event of incidents involving vessels.
  • Governor of Svalbard: measures against acute pollution on Svalbard (Spitsbergen).
  • Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning: Assistance in the event of oil spill response operations.
  • Directorate of Fisheries, Institute of Marine Research, Norwegian Polar Institute, Climate and Pollution Agency, Norwegian Food Safety Authority, National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research, Directorate for Nature Management:advice in the event of severe, acutepollution

Coordination agreements with three large oil-processing plants (Slagentangen, Sture and Mongstad). We are working on making agreements with several fire brigades already commissioned to participate in marine rescue operations concerning assistance in the event of chemical incidents at sea.

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