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- Ane Eide Kjæraas

The Norwegian Coastal Administrations responsibilities for U-864

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA)  is responsible for governmental prerepardness against acute pollution. The NCA has also been delegated authority for ship wrecks like the U-864.


The NCA has been delegated authority for ship wrecks like the U-864. (Illustration: NCA/Phantomfilm/BUG)

Under Norwegian law, the NCA is responsible for montitoring shipwrecks and implementing necessary measures to reduce environmental risk, includedthe power to take action on behalf of the owner if orders to institute clean-up measures cannot be complied with.

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When mercury pollution around U-864 was identified in 2003, the question arose of whether responsibility should lie with the NCA or the Norwegian Environmental Agency (NEA). The Norwegian Legislation Department decided that the pollution from U-864 was acute and therefore felt within the responsibility of the NCA. 

More information on this can be found in the NCA’s concept study (KVU), which is only available in Norwegian.


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