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- Kathrine Idås

National Contingency Plan

Contingency plans drawn up by land-based industry, operators on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS), local authorities (port authorities and fire brigades), regional committees to combat acute pollution (IUAs), and regional and central government authorities should back up this national contingency plan. Emergency preparedness plans for individual industrial companies and petroleum installations as well as plans for responding within a local authority describe how to respond in the specific area. They must also describe how the parties can collaborate to reduce the adverse effects of acute pollution.

Link for downloading the National Contingency Plan:



The national contingency plan for acute pollution plays an important part in the coordinatory
role of the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA). It is important for our partners, and acts as an overarching framework for their own contingency plans. A national contingency plan is also an international requirement under the international convention on oil pollution preparedness, response and cooperation (OPRC) from the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), which Norway has ratified.

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