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Construction work in Vatlestraumen

Underwater blasting and dredging is taking place in Vatlestraumen, Hordaland, from May till August/September. The fairway will be open for commercial traffic in the construction period, but will be closed in short periods during blast work between 10:00-14:00 hours.

Revskolten reef in Vatlestraumen will be dredged to a depth of 14 metres, removing 65 000 cubic metres of rock from an area of 12 000 square metres. After construction work is completed, the new sailing width will be increased to 250 metres.

Blasting and dredging

The work includes blasting and dredging at Revskolten reef, as well as the establishment of new navigational aids in the fairway. The work area will be temporarily marked by buoys.

During the work period, dredged mass will be transported on a regular basis by barge to the landfill area of Kleppestø, located approximately 5 nautical miles north of Vatlestraumen.

Information from Fedje VTS

Fedje Vessel Traffic Service centre will provide detailed information on blast schedules to incoming commercial traffic, so that vessels can choose an alternative route if needed. VHF channel 14 is the established working channel for information from and communication with Fedje VTS. Vessels must continuously monitor and maintain listening watch on VHF channel 16.

A navigational warning of the construction work is issued via Notices to Mariners (Efs).

The work is expected to continue daily till August/September 2012.

More information about the project is also available at (in Norwegian only).

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