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Electronic reporting to the Armed Forces

Vessels using the reporting system SafeSeaNet Norway can as of January 19th submit a complete electronic arrival notification to the military authorities.

─ We handle at least 200.000 arrival notifications from mariners every year. Till now these have been plotted manually, but with SafeSeaNet the information will become more automated. This is a great advantage for us, says Captain Lieutenant Håvar Bjørsvik at the Norwegian Army Operational Headquarter.

The transition to electronic reporting will also introduce a new element. Vessels must now report the time and position for crossing the Norwegian baseline.

Simplified vessel reporting

The military module in SafeSeaNet has been tested by a number of shipping agents and vessels over a period of six months.

─ The feedback from users has been positive, as many view this as a simpler way to submit notifications. Instead of sending reports to various authorities, it is easier to fill out and send all required information through one portal, says senior adviser Tor-Inge Miljeteig in the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Electronic reporting is preferable

Although electronic reporting in SafeSeaNet Norway is preferable, it will still be possible to submit arrival notifications to the Norwegian Armed Forces via telephone, e-mail and fax

Ship reporting through SafeSeaNet Norway will ensure that various authorities receive the information they require from vessels. The Norwegian Coastal Administration aims to develop a user friendly and efficient message portal that will make it easier to administer for both users on board and ashore.

Reporting for ships

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