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- Harald Borgø

Fee rates for 2016

Fee rates for 2016 are now available, as approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

From 1st of January 2016 vessels up to 8,000 GT are exempt from paying pilotage readiness fee, while vessels shorter than 70 metres are exempted from paying safety fee. 

Vessels registered with an Environmental Ship Index (ESI) Score of 50 or higher will from 2016 be admitted 100 % discount in the Pilotage Readiness Fee. In 2015, the discount was 50 %.

For a 9,000 GT vessel the annual fee corresponds to the fee for 36,4 calls to port (37 approaches or departures). For vessels greater than 10,000 GT the annual fee corresponds to 46 calls to port.

Download a total overview of fee rates for 2016 here.

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