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- Jeanette Hauge Assev-Lindin

Introducing simplified ship reporting regulation

From January 1st, 2016, all ship reporting obligations pursuant to the Harbour Act will become available in one common regulation. The new ship reporting regulation will provide an easier overview of ship reporting obligations and which ship reporting obligations are applicable at any given time.

From January 1st the following ship reporting obligations will be included in the new regulation:

  • Notifications prior to entry into port
  • Notifications on dangerous or polluting goods
  • ISPS notifications to port facilities
  • Notifications for bulk carriers calling at port terminals
  • Notifications of STS operations in NEEZ (Norway’s Economic Exclusive Zone)
  • Notifications in connection with Barents SRS voyages

These notifications, except bulk carrier calls to port and notifications on STS operations, must be sent via the ship reporting system SafeSeaNet Norway. The new ship reporting regulation states that notifications prior to entry into port, ISPS and dangerous or polluting goods must also be sent via the ship reporting system SafeSeaNet Norway.

In addition, the new regulation states that notifications on the amount of goods (gross weight and gross gross weight) must be reported. This is introduced to facilitate more efficient ship reporting for the shipping industry and to improve statistics on maritime transport.

See the unofficial translation of the Regulation on vessels' notification obligtions under the Harbour and Fairways Act

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