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New reporting regime in SafeSeaNet Norway

From June 13th 2013, notifications of crew and passenger lists must be submitted to the Norwegian Border Control Authority (police) electronically via SafeSeaNet Norway (SSNN). Electronic reporting to the police in SSNN is a pilot project that will be implemented by all coastal police districts in Norway.

Notifications from shipping are an important part of territorial border control, and are checked against the Schengen Information System (SIS II), which is a joint register for the entire Schengen area.

Notification of crew and passenger lists is statutory for vessels crossing the Norwegian territorial border, which is also one of the outer borders of the Schengen area. As a member of Schengen, Norwegian authorities must satisfy requirements on control of traffic in border areas. In Norway this is handled by the police.

A national ship reporting portal

The Norwegian Coastal Administration develops and operates SafeSeaNet Norway as a common national reporting portal for shipping. Ships, companies, agents and charterers will in time be able to submit mandatory information electronically to Norwegian authorities only once, rather than submitting the same information several times to different authorities.

See more details on the new reporting regime in SafeSeaNet in the information folder on the right hand side.

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