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Official fee rates for 2015

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has settled the fee rates for 2015. The fee rates are in accordance with the proposal by the Norwegian Coastal Administration in October 2014.

The Pilotage Fee and the Pilotage Readiness Fee have both been increased by 3.1 percent.

Vessels registered with an Environmental Ship Index (ESI) Score of 50 or higher will from 2015 be admitted 50 percent discount in the Pilotage Readiness Fee.

The Safety Fees are increased as follows:

  • In the Oslofjord (Horten VTS) +7.0 percent
  • In the Grenland area (Brevik VTS) +8.4 percent
  • In Rogaland (Kvitsøy VTS) – no change
  • To the terminals at Sture and Mongstad (Fedje VTS) +39.2 percent

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