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Order annual fees for 2012

It is now time to order the annual fees for 2012. Orders must be made in the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s notification system SafeSeaNet. Annual fees for 2012 must be ordered no later than 31 December 2011 to be valid from 1 January 2012.

New for 2012 is that all annual fees are billed and payable quarterly, with ¼ of the annual fee per invoice.

The proposed fee rates for 2012 are pending a public hearing. A final approval of fee rates is expected by the Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs in late December 2011. The coastal fee is proposed reduced by 52.9 per cent. Pilotage fees are proposed to increase by 1.8 per cent on average, the safety fee in the Oslo Fjord +2.5 per cent and the safety fee of Sture and Mongstad +14.1 per cent. The safety fee in Grenland and Rogaland will not be changed.

The following fee rates are proposed for 2012 for the fees which are offers as an annual fee:

Type of fee

Annual fees in 2012 (2011)

On approach and departure in 2012 (2011)

Coastal fee NOK 5.25 per GT per year (NOK 11.15)

NOK 1.48 per GT per season (NOK 3.15)
NOK 0.08 per GT (NOK 0.17)
Pilotage Readiness Fee For vessels up to 5,000 GT, inclusive NOK 27.90 (NOK 27.40)

For vessels from 5,001 to 10,000 GT, inclusive NOK 54.25 (NOK 53.30)

For vessels over 10,000 GT NOK 65.95 (NOK 64.80)
0.71 per GT for excess tonnage (2011: NOK 0.79 and NOK 0.70)
Safety Fee Oslo Fjord NOK 20.50 per GT (NOK 20.00) NOK 0.41 per GT (NOK 0.40)
Safety Fee Rogaland

Safety Fee Kårstø

NOK 13.50 per GT (NOK 13.50)

NOK 54.00 per GT (NOK 54.00)

NOK 0.27 per GT (NOK 0.27)

NOK 1.08 per GT (NOK 1.08)

Use the NCA Fee calculator.

Annual fees must be ordered electronically in SafeSeaNet Norway (see log in box on the right hand side). 

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