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Pilot Boat Skippers on strike from Wednesday

It has been announced that the strike in the public sector will escalate on Wednesday 30th of May, from 07.00. At that time, 103 pilot boat skippers will be on strike, affecting a major part of the maritime services.

Please see the following list of affected and non affected pilot boat stations. Note that on page 2, there is a list of contracted / purchased services which will not be affected: 

The strike is in the government tariff area, and it is members of the three main unions LO Stat, YS Stat and Unio that have been brought out on strike. As far as the Norwegian Coastal Administration is concerned, this affects the pilots in the Oslofjord and pilot boat skippers who are members of the pilot boat skippers association (Losbåtførernes Forbund).

As a consequence, most of the Norwegian Coastal Administration's pilot boat stations will be closed with effect from 07.00 on Wednesday.

At this stage, it is the drivers of the pilot boats (the carrier service) that have been brought out on strike. The consequence of this is that the Norwegian Coastal Administration cannot transfer pilots to and from vessels. Those affected by the strike are therefore those vessels that are subject to compulory pilotage. 

Not all the resources of the carrier service have been brought out on strike. Some pilot boat stations have reduced operations, while some places - where services are hired in - are operating as usual. See the full summary attached.

The strike is only affecting the pilot boat service, not the helicopter transport service for pilots.

Where assignments may have to be prioritised during the strike, ships/voyages will be prioritised on the basis of life, health and the environment.

Safety is still being maintained along the coast. The operational services at the Norwegian Coastal Administration's five traffic centres are working normally, which means that information services, the navigational assistance service and the traffic regulation service are all operating normally.

Clarifications on the consequences of the strike 

  • The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) uses both its own and external services to transfer pilots. The service includes the use of both pilot boats and helicopters, and the strike will only affect the part of the service in which the NCA uses pilot boats with its own crews. There are clear rules about which services make use of helicopters to carry pilots (read more), and these will not change during the strike.
  • The external carrier service will not be affected by the strike. This means that these can be used where they are stationed.
  • In these areas, the individual parts of the service will function normally, but the NCA will not take ships into destinations via other pilot boarding points. In other words, it is not possible to circumvent the strike by ordering a pilot in another boarding zone where the transport service is working. For example, it will not be possible to order a pilot from the Kvannhovden (Florø) boarding zone in order to get into Bergen.
  • Neither will the NCA send pilots abroad, so as to board ships in foreign ports and pilot the ships when they enter Norwegian waters.
  • Some pilot boat stations have operational carrier services during certain periods. See the separate summary of this.

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