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Sharing emergency response resources in northern Norway

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) and Eni Norge have entered into a mutual assistance agreement for support vessels on the Goliat field. The agreement is the first of its type in Norway.

“This is an effective way to exploit common emergency preparedness resources,” said Johan Marius Ly, Emergency Preparedness Director of NCA.

Mutual assistance

The agreement involves mutual assistance by vessels in connection with NCA towing preparedness and Eni Norway activities on the Goliat field.

“The contingency measures at the Goliat field are especially adapted to the area in which we operate. It represents a strengthening of the capacity both within oil spill protection, towing and search and rescue operations off the coast of West Finnmark,” said Andreas Wulff, Eni Norge’s External Communication Manager.

He is claiming that Eni Norway is known as a leader in oil spill response.

Improved protection

The agreement with the NCA will provide better oil spill protection in a sensitive Arctic region. Both parties are aiming at optimal towing preparedness and to increase their knowledge through the agreement.

“Our goal is mutual utilisation of vessel capacity permanently stationed in the area in the event of unforeseen incidents and suspensions in operations. The agreement shall ensure a consolidation of operations for which the NCA and Eni Norge have primary responsibility, and is not a substitute for the vessels necessary to maintain operations and emergency response capacity,” said Ly.


Key facts about the agreement:

  • The Norwegian Coastal Administration and Eni Norge have entered into a mutual assistance agreement regarding emergency vessels along the northern Norwegian coast.
  • The Eni Norge operated Goliat field is the first oil field to come on stream in the Barents Sea.
  • Assistance provided to Eni by the NCA is restricted geographically to the Goliat field and adjacent areas along the West Finnmark coast.
  • Assistance provided by Eni to the NCA is restricted to the coastal waters between the Hekkingen lighthouse in the south-west and the Fruholmen lighthouse in the north-east. This corresponds to Zone 2 of the national emergency towing plan for northern Norway.
  • The agreement applies to the NCA’s towing vessels which carry out emergency towing operations in the region.
  • The two emergency support vessels Esvagt Aurora and Stril Barents, as well as the supply vessels Njord Viking and Troms Pollux will be made available by Eni Norge, under current terms and conditions.

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