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Strike affects maritime traffic in the Oslofjord

The break in the wage negotiations in the public sector will have consequences for maritime traffic in the Oslofjord. 42 pilots in the Oslofjord are taken out on strike.

The strike is a consequence of the break in the wage negotiations between the state and the LO Stat, YS Stat and Unio. The deadline for reaching an agreement was set for Wednesday 23rd of May, at 24:00 hours.

From Thursday, May 24th 06:00, a total of 42 pilots in the Oslofjord was taken out on strike. This represents almost all pilots in the area.

The strike involves a complete stop for all traffic subject to compulsory pilotage in the Oslofjord, except for ships holding a valid Pilot Exemption Certificate.

Preserving traffic safety along the coast is a priority. The NCA’s five Vessel Traffic Service Centres (VTS), including Horten VTS and Brevik VTS, are providing Information Service, Navigation Assistance Service and Traffic Organisation Service as normal. 

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