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- Pål Are Lilleheim

What happens when an oil tanker and a chemical tanker collide in Skagerrak?

The detailed planning of the largest emergency exercise ever held in Norway has started. Last week all the participating countries and organizations met in Horten, Norway, for an initial planning conference.

Skagerrak Chemical Oilspill Excercise (SCOPE) is an international exercise, led by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA), which has increased competence and national and international interaction in conjunction with accidents at sea as the main objective.

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In week six the NCA arranged an initial planning conference for Scope2017 at the NCA emergency centre in Horten. The aim for the conference was to present a more detailed plan for the project, both for those who are determined as participants and for potential participants. Furthermore, the two days were used to outline at the individual participant's goals, the basic training and scenarios. The way forward was also outlined in terms of distribution of activities and responsibilities.

Extensive exercise goals

The participants were presented with a main scenario for the exercise, which will unfold in the Skagerrak. Two vessels, one chemical tanker and an oil tanker, collide, and the accident leads to a series of incidents. These incidents will be the objectives for the exercise, such as oil spill operation, combating chemical leakage, evacuation and place of refuge, as well as practicing national and international cooperation agreements.

– Crises management and collaboration during a serious vessel accident is the headline for SCOPE2017. In addition to the main objectives, networking was an important part for this conference. It helps to create an even better basis for further cooperation, both during the planning and in the implementation of the exercise. The participants were attentive audience to the speeches, they worked eagerly and intensely during the workshop, and the chat went lively during breaks and during dinner. Thus, it was a successful conference, where we achieved what we hoped, says project manager for Scope 2017, Stig Wahlstrøm.

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Many participants

Attending the conference were representatives from a number of industries, organizations and authorities in Norway, as well relating agencies and organizations in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Britain, the Netherlands and Iceland. Since the EU funds SCOPE2017, representatives from the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and the European Commission also attended the conference.

The conference in Horten is the first in a series of three planning conferences that will lead towards the final exercise, which runs from September 25th to 29th this year.

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