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New digital routes available at

112 new digital routes and waypoints are now available for vessels planning port calls from Haugesund to Stad in Western Norway. provides quality-assured sailing routes and route information for mariners.

‒ This is not a mandatory service, although the NCA recommends that mariners use reference routes as a basis for voyage planning to port. Routes must be adjusted to fit the requirements of individual vessels and sailing conditions, says Senior Engineer John Morten Klingsheim in the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

In addition to sailing routes, provides route information relevant to specific routes – such as sailing conditions and local regulations for inbound voyages and arrival. The routes are quality-assured for vessels up to 150 metres in length and 9 meters in draught. Limitations in size of vessel may vary along the route caused by regulation or depths.

‒ Today, route information is not easily accessible to mariners, as it is spread across various sources and publications. Using the digital route service can therefore save mariners time during voyage planning. It will also reduce the risk of making unfavourable route selections, says Klingsheim.

The launch of new routes is part of the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s effort to develop a digital route service for the entire Norwegian coast. Today, a total of 278 digital sailing routes can be downloaded to vessel bridge systems. By summer 2020, additional routes for counties Møre and Romsdal and Trøndelag will be added to the service. A complete national route service will be available by the end of 2020 and will include a total of 500 digital routes for the entire Norwegian coast – including Svalbard.

The digital route service is free of charge, and routes are quality-assured by the NCA pilot service, Vessel Traffic Services, the Aids to navigation service and the Pilot Exemption Certificate service. The service is part of the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s effort to digitize and streamline maritime services for safer and smarter maritime transport.

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Benefits for mariners:

  • Increases navigational safety – selecting quality-assured routes reduces risk of unfavourable route selections that could result in hazardous incidents and events.
  • Access to already established routes and relevant route information saves time during voyage planning.
  • Important route information is collected from multiple sources and can be downloaded digitally from one website,
  • Strengthens Bridge Resource Management by facilitating more efficient use of resources and better situational awareness.
  • Facilitates just-in-time arrival, thereby also reducing fuel consumption on board.
  • A free of charge service.
  • Digital routes are available in international RTZ format.

More facts on the digital route service:

  • provides vessels with access to quality-assured sailing routes and route information – including information on current local regulations for relevant ports and quays, and sailing distances.
  • Provides access to a total of 278 sailing routes from the Swedish border to Stad on the northwest coast of Norway. By the end of 2020, a total of 500 sailing routes will be available for the entire coast, including Svalbard.
  • Sailing routes can be added to the BarentsWatch wave forecast service thereby providing vessels with wave forecasts for individual routes.

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