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New maritime traffic regulations

The Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications has laid down a new maritime traffic regulation. This will enter into force on 1 of April and will replace the current regulations. The new maritime traffic regulations are largely a continuation of existing regulations, but with some important changes.

The Maritime Traffic Regulations contain rules on how vessels are to use waters that are monitored by VTS centers  (Vessel Traffic Services) and sailing rules for defined areas along the coast. The regulations are an important tool for maritime traffic centers when they monitor and organize ship traffic. The changes have been made to further improve maritime safety in Norwegian waters.

Some of the main changes are:

Adjustments to Fedje VTS area at Kleppestø

The border of Fedje VTS area in Byfjorden is moved eastwards to a line between Øyarodden and Gravdalsneset, see figure under. The change is proposed to ensure that Fedje VTS better can organize the vessel traffic around Kvarven and the outbound traffic from Florvåg.


Regulations on anchoring in Ofotfjorden, Herjangfjorden and Narvikbukta

Ships longer than 150 meters must obtain an approval to anchor in Ofotfjorden, Herjangfjorden or Narvikbukta prior to crossing the Norwegian baseline at Vestfjorden.  The regulations also require ships longer than 70 meters to be assigned to a specific anchoring position prior to anchoring in the Narvik area.

The regulation also states seven positions that are possible to use for anchoring in the waters surrounding the port of Narvik, see figure 2 below.



Establishment of a new VTS Area covering the fairway between Florø and Måløy

The regulations draft on public inquiry proposed to establish a new VTS Area covering the fairway between Florø og Måløy. Due to delays regarding technical equipment, this will not be established before 1. June.

Use of English language when communicating on VTS working channels

The Government is still concidering the use of English  for vessels over 500 gross tonnes when communicating on VTS working channels.

English translation of the regulations

Unofficial English translation 

Official Norwegian regulations 




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