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- Sten Terje Falnes

Pilot Exemption Certificate – General exams now available for offshore navigators

Navigators that sail between supply bases on the Norwegian mainland and North Sea offshore installations can now apply for PEC-exam specifically for offshore-bases.

Local restrictions in Skagerrak is available in the digital map service Kystinfo

Special P.E.C. examinations are now available for navigators sailing on supply bases in Hammerfest, Sandnessjøen, Kristiansund, Florø, Mongstad, Ågotnes, Dusavika og Risavika.

With adequate experience navigators may receive PEC for all bases by passing a single PEC-exam.

Applications for P.E.C. examinations must be sent in the ship reporting service SafeSeaNet Norway.

Local sailing restrictions available in digital map service

In addition to a new P.E.C. exam for offshore navigators, the NCA has also introduced a digital version of local sailing restrictions in the map service Kystinfo.

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