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- Anne Søyset

New whistle blowing channel established

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) has established a new whistleblowing channel. Employees, suppliers, external third parties and the public may report issues and concerns in a secure manner through this whistleblowing channel.

– This channel may be an important contribution to illuminate events we want to avoid. Do you have solid information or just a bad gut feeling? Do not hesitate to use the whistle blowing channel, and let our people review your information. I would rather have a report too much, than one too little, says Per Jan Osdal, Director General of NCA.

What to report

You may report issues and concerns related to NCA, including activities and tasks assigned to other parties on behalf of NCA. Some examples are:

  • Breach of laws, rules and guidelines
  • Breach of safety routines and instances causing danger to life and health
  • Working conditions that conflict with e.g. the Working Environment Act, the Ship Safety and Security Act or the Civil Service Act
  • Irresponsible procedures
  • Corruption, breach of contract or other financial irregularities
  • Social dumping or other working life crime
  • Breach of the Norwegian state's ethical guidelines

Employees of NCA shall notify health, safety, environment and security incidents in the internal improvement and deviation system.

– You can decide whether you want to be anonymous or not. However, be aware that if you choose to submit an issue or concern anonymously, NCA nor BDO AS will not have the ability to inform you during the process. Anonymous reports are also more challenging to process, so we encourage you to consider carefully if you can provide contact information, says Osdal.

Follow your case

The internal audit department, an independent unit in NCA, is responsible for receiving reports of issues and concerns. You can always choose to send the report to the advisory and auditing firm BDO AS. An example where this might be of interest is if the reported issue applies to the top management of NCA or employees at the internal audit department.

In case you decide to be anonymous, we recommend that you create a secure mailbox. It ensures an effective and safe way to communicate with those who are processing your report.  

Click here to enter the Whistle blowing channel. 

You will also find further information about the Whistle blowing channel and more details about how it works.

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