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You can now work offline in SafeSeaNet Norway

The Norwegian Coastal Administration has introduced a new spreadsheet, which makes it easier to prefill ship and arrival information offline before sending it in SafeSeaNet Norway.The spreadsheet can be filled out at any time, and does not require an internet connection.

The spreadsheet makes it easier to send large amounts of data in SafeSeaNet Norway, especially on board vessels with limited internet access.

A filled out spreadsheet can be uploaded to SafeSeaNet Norway, and used as a basis for registering or updating arrival or departure information. The spreadsheet is a supplement to existing internet-based reporting.

The spreadsheet has been developed in the European AnNa project based on EU requirements for ship reporting (EU Directive 2010/65/EC).

The purpose of the cooperation in the AnNa project is to contribute towards the development of a common spreadsheet that can be used in the entire EU. Besides Norway, Denmark has begun using the spreadsheet. Sweden plans to do the same. Several other countries are considering its potential use.

See more information on the spreadsheet here.

The spreadsheet can also be downloaded from SafeSeaNet Norway

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