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- Pål Are Lilleheim

Stad ship tunnel project ready for quality assurance, phase 2

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has received the result of the extensive work done by the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) as commissioned by the Ministry in 2015. The delivery includes a technical pre-project, approved regulatory plans with impact assessment, and a central project management document. Thus, the project is ready for quality assurance phase 2 (KS 2)

Tunnelinngang i Moldefjorden
Moldefjorden: Above the tunnel entrance at the Moldefjorden side, it is proposed to establish a new overhead bridge. The fly bridge cross the portal will also be available to the public. From the sidewalk the public can watch the ships entering and coming out of the ship tunnel. (Illustration: Norwegian Coastal Administration/Snøhetta)

Selje municipality, where the Stad Ship Tunnel is planned to be built, has approved the regulatory plans and impact assessment. The technical pre-project provides a comprehensive picture of planning, construction, operation, aesthetics and cost estimates - prerequisites that must be in place to build and operate a safe, efficient and sustainable tunnel.

The central project management document, included in the delivery from the NCA to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, provides a complete overview of the project; What the Stad ship tunnel project includes, how the management structure is organized, who will participate in the project, what guidelines are the basis for the collaboration, and the responsibilities of each of the participants. Furthermore, it describes the objectives, strategies and key management tools of the project.

– The central project management document is thus a collective document summarizing all the work done by the NCA, as well as responding to what was stated in the first quality assurance (KS1). This document will follow the project from A to Z, and can be adjusted along the way, explains chief engineer Jarle Strand in the NCA.

– The whole report has now been sent to the ministry. For us at the NCA, we will now make ourselves available to the ministry and the future process with the quality assurance phase 2 (KS2). Our further work depends on the decisions and resolutions resulting from KS2 and the outcome of the Parliamentary process, he continues.

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