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- Anne Grethe Nilsen

Stad Ship Tunnel project: Undergoing final Quality Assurance

The final quality assurance phase, referred to as KS2, began in September 2017 and will be completed in late spring of 2018.

On behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) has prepared a preliminary and regulatory plan with impact assessment (KU) for the Stad Ship Tunnel project. 

The next phase, KS2, is carried out by the consulting firm Atkins/Oslo Economics, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. In KS2, the consulting firm will quality assure the numbers and solutions that have been put forward by the NCA in the KS1 phase. 

The pre-project, and subsequent quality assurance KS2, will lay the foundation for further process in the Parliament regarding final funding and implementation of the Stad Ship Tunnel project.

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