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Notify the NCA

Report acute pollution
Report a problem with navigational aids
Report a problem with AIS and DGPS stations
Report ice observations
Report ISPS security incident
Report illegal voyage

Report acute pollution 

Telephone: +47 33 03 48 00

  • Persons reporting acute pollution in connection to landbased activities should do so using the national emergency number 110.
  • Aircrafts should report acute pollution through the Air Traffic Service.
  • Ships should report acute pollution to the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) or the coastal radio.
  • The petroleum industry should report acute pollution to the Norwegian Coastal Administration via the Joint Rescue Coordination Centres/the Petroleum Safety Authority.

Report a problem with navigational aids 

Problems with navigational aids is sent to the National Coordinator for Navigational Warnings (NAVCO):

Tel: +47 22 42 23 31 (24-hour service)
Fax: +47 22 41 04 91 (24-hour service)

  • Many of the permanent navigational aids along the coast are automated and unmanned. It is therefore important that mariners notify the Norwegian Coastal Administration of any irregularities in the navigational installations.
  • Other acute and/or unexpected incidents that may be hazardous to shipping must also be reported. Examples of acute and/or unexpected incidents are drifting debris, fallen high voltage cables, grounded vessels, sunken vessels and drifting fishing equipment.
  • The coordinator on duty will pass the report on to the correct authority so that the irregularity can be rectified as quickly as possible.  Any navigational warnings will be issued in accordance with the guidelines.

 Report a problem with AIS or DGPS stations 

Defects on landbased AIS or DGPS stations should be reported to the Center for Pilotage and Vessel Traffic Services.

Tel: +47 950 56 052 

 Report ice observations

Report ice observations to
Tel: +47 37 01 97 59 / +47 37 01 97 25   
Mobile: +47 900 77 605    
Fax:  +47 37 01 97 01 

Ice reports are available here from December 1 till March 31.

Report ISPS security incident

Terrorist acts and other intentional illegal acts that cause damage to ports, port terminals or vessels calling at these can be reported to:  

Tel: +47 35 57 26 25 (Vessel Traffic Service centre in Brevik)

NB! In cases of ongoing/acute ISPS security incidents, the police authority must be alerted first at the national emergency telephone number 112.

Report illegal voyage

Reporting form

You can report:

  • Incidents where ships sail illegally in Norwegian waters
  • Violation of Norwegian Pilotage Act and the Compulsory Pilotage Regulations
  • All reports are handled confidentially

Reports will be processed during normal working hours between 08:00 and 16:00 hours.

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