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Postal address and billing information

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) has a common postal address. It is not possible to send post directly to the regions, departments, Vessel Traffic Service etc. 

The postal address is: 

Kystverket/The Norwegian Coastal Administration
Postboks 1502
6025 Ålesund

Billing information

The Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) requires invoices in electronic format.
E-mail or PDF is not considered as an invoice in electronic format.

PEPPOL BIS is the international standard for foreign suppliers. Follow the link for more information about PEPPOL BIS.

Electronic invoice address / access pint to NCA is: 874783242
All units / regions of NCA are registered in the ELMA-register, which means that suppliers can also send electronic invoices to these access points: The ELMA-register.

Electronic invoices are delivered from the supplier's invoice system, or through online invoice portals / online banking, see: How to send an electronic invoice

If you do not have access to send an electronic invoice, paper invoices can be sent to:

Fakturamottak DFØ
Postboks 4746
7468 Trondheim

N.B. All invoices NCA must be marked with order reference in the field "Your ref." 

The order reference consists of between 8-9 numbers, starting with the number 3260xxxx.
The reference must be written coherently, eg. 32601234.

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